Get More Sleep

3 Ways Lack of Sleep Will Lead to Weight Gain

Sleep is probably the most overlooked of factors when it comes to getting in great shape and/or losing fat so that you can get a lean & athletic body. Yet, most people get much less sleep than they probably should. How much sleep do you get each night?  If you’re not getting a minimum of…

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5 Weight Loss Hacks For a Flat Belly

Losing weight is a simple, yet incredibly difficult, task that haunts more than two-thirds of Americans.  We all want instant gratification, and when that doesn’t happen we end up frustrated and disappointed.  If you’ve tried to lose weight, unsuccessfully, it could be because you complicated the process and didn’t focus on a few simple tasks…

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Food Journal

Number One Habit For Weight Loss Success

It seems like the things that are best for us, are the things we like the least.  Why is that? Stretching tight muscles, getting more sleep, drinking green tea, flossing our teeth, taking a probiotic, eating lots of fresh vegetables, actually working out every day … these are all things that are incredibly good for…

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February 2015 Client of the Month: Lori Gicewicz

Meet Lori, “Client of the Month” for the month of February! Lori joined F.I.T. Strength & Conditioning back in the Fall of 2014 as part of the Capital Region 20 Pound Challenge and experienced awesome results.  Since that time, she’s continue to display the same work ethic that led her to success in the 20 Pound…

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Business of Month

Business of the Month

It’s a proven fact that employees who are in great health are more productive in their jobs. As our way of helping to increase the productivity of local businesses, as well as increase awareness of the benefits of being in great shape, we’re selecting one business each month to participate in our Metabolic Resistance Training…

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