Client of the Week: Mike Kloczko

Mike Kloczko

Meet Mike, this week’s “Client of the Week” Back in September, 77 people embarked upon the Capital Region 20 Pound Challenge – a 6-week weight loss program that ended just a couple weeks ago.  Many of the participants were able to achieve AWESOME results, but nobody made better progress than this week’s “Client of the…

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Client of the Week: Tom Tiberio


Meet Tom, this week’s “Client of the Week” More than a year ago, Tom and his wife, Melissa, stepped foot into F.I.T. Strength & Conditioning.  On that day, we had the distinct pleasure of adding two fun and amazing individuals to the F.I.T. Family.  Anyone who knows Tom and Melissa can attest to what great…

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Client of the Week: Carol Miller


Meet Carol, this week’s “Client of the Week” Back in March of 2014, we were fortunate enough to have three great people join the F.I.T. Family.  One of those people is Carol Miller or Latham, NY.  I can still remember when Carol, Stefanie (her daughter) and Sheri first started with us … I’m pretty sure…

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Clients of the Week: Carey, Chuck and Michael

Carey Chuck Mike

Meet Carey, Chuck and Michael … this week’s “Clients of the Week” It gets pretty tough to select just one “Client of the Week” as there are so many people doing great things on a weekly basis.  We have people in our 20 Pound Challenge posting awesome weight losses each week, people hitting PR’s on…

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Client of the Week: Henry Pettit

Henry Pettit

Meet Henry, this week’s “Client of the Week” I had the honor of doing the Spartan Super with Henry and 6 other members of F.I.T. on September 7th in northern New Jersey. As an integral member of the 5:30 AM session, I had already witnessed Henry’s relentless work ethic and passion for fitness.  It wasn’t…

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